Effective Branding is the starting point. Successful branding builds relationships and encourages further investigation. It motivates buyers and promotes their loyalty. It is your ability to create power, focus, motivation, memories and anticipation. It is personality, character, vision, and action, distilled and sent out into the world in the form of logos, taglines, typography, business cards, brochures, presentations and other marketing materials.

At cardinaljack, branding is extremely important to us. It is who you are- so the job of displaying who you are is something I take very seriously.  You can be confident I will take the time necessary to help you develop and present your brand in a way that you can be extremely proud of.

Graphic Design

Exciting Graphic Design captures attention. While your graphic logo is at the heart of your brand, making the right choices when it comes to images, colours, and structure make it easy for audiences to take in your whole message.

Graphic design means I get to take my artwork to a screen.  As someone who has grown up doodling, drawing, and painting, I have found my most satisfying artistic platform in graphic design.  Need an infographic? Need an image that reflects your message but can’t find one anywhere online because your message is unique to you and your brand? This is where cardinaljack comes in and gives you the images and graphics you need to visually stand out.


Copywriting and Editing

Strong content delivers your brand message in a clear, concise, and compelling way. The words should settle easily into your audiences’ minds… and stay there.  Powerful writing can even be seen as a form of visual communication because it produces powerful images in the minds of readers. Readers may not realize it but when they read words they are also reading minds – the minds of writers.Powerful words are essential in establishing and maintaining brand awareness. They impart qualities to your brand such as tone, warmth, action, and intent. They speak for you and help build awareness of the character and culture of your brand.

At cardinaljack we not only emphasize strong writing, we offer it.  As a skilled writer, I strive to fully understand your message first. It’s not my mind I want readers to read, but yours.  I want you to come through in my writing.  Think you’ve got your content almost down? Let me add that little extra touch of personality or flair to your already composed content and edit it in a way that takes it to the next level of professionalism.

Web Design

Websites are your online presence.  They need to match your overall image, function according to what it is you want to accomplish, drive people to the right places easily, and display the on-screen version of you in a captivating way. The Internet has become a first-look medium for individuals and organizations looking for what your company offers. You simply have to make your website a priority.  It’s a quick place where anyone can go from within the walls of their own home to check you out.  Don’t miss your chance for an amazing first impression to stand out front and centre.

At cardinaljack we are proud to combine everything- your logo, brand, graphic design elements, and well-written content into an online space that wows everyone who visits.  We use the most up to date platforms and have the ability to include any elements you may need from

Drop Me a Line!

Let’s chat about you! I want to get to know you, and all the comes with that- your vision, your passion, your identity, your business, your message, your clients, your downfalls and your successes.  I’m a people person, for me designing starts with a strong relationship so that once we hit the finish line, you feel like the final product totally reflects YOU and will get you to the places you want to be.